LSU vs. Wisconsin: Preview, Prediction and Analysis

The Louisiana State Tigers look to avoid a week-one upset as they travel north to Lambeau Field and face the Wisconsin Badgers.


Date:  Saturday, September 3rd


Game Time: 3:30 PM ET on ABC


Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin at Lambeau Field

Why this game is worth watching:

Leonard Fournette will be ready to once again compete for a Heisman Trophy- Fournette, the starting running back for the LSU Tigers, rushed for at least 150 yards in the teams’ first seven games last season.  At times Fournette looked more like a truck at Demolition Derby than a football player, seemingly bouncing off players and knocking them out of the way as if they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place.  This guy’s fun to watch, so check him out before he’s playing on Sundays.


Historic Lambeau Field hosts a game that could have implications for the College Football Playoff- Lambeau Field is one of the rare destinations in sports that’s indescribable unless you step foot inside.  Add a week-one matchup of two major college-football programs into the mix and you have yourselves a unique experience unlike any other for the fans.  It’s gonna be a great atmosphere on Saturday afternoon in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  If you think I’m overselling this, you should know College Gameday is gonna be there too.


This game could decide the future job status of Les Miles- Les Miles, head coach of the LSU Tigers, hasn’t lived up to the high expectations put on his program lately.  While he has a top-ten team in the polls and plenty of hype at the moment, a loss to a big-ten opponent in the first week of the new campaign could foreshadow the end of his coaching days for the Tigers.  Then again, his team is a double-digit favorite, so the speculation may be a little brash for the moment at hand.


Key to the Game:

When looking at the game-to-game statistics of Fournette last year, there’s a number that comes to mind.  Five.  If the defense of the Wisconsin Badgers can limit Fournette to under 5 yards per carry, they should have a good chance of competing for four quarters in this game.


With the big stage set, it’s difficult to imagine Fournette not rushing for at least 100 yards in this game.  However, it’s containing the LSU running back, not shutting him down that will be the number-one mission for the Badgers defense on Saturday.


Player who is an X-Factor:

Corey Clement-  Since we have such a baller venue for this game, it’s only fitting to have a little extra fun and refer to the running backs in this game with the David-and-Goliath comparison.


Fournette had 300 carries last season.  In three years on the field as running back for the Badgers, Corey Clement has combined for 262 carries.


You have the bigger and stronger back with Fournette, and the smaller, unproven type (comparable to Fournette at least) in Clement.  Everything, including the talent that surrounds the LSU running back seems to be in favor of the Tigers.


However, Wisconsin is a program historically known for running the football and they’ll be playing at one of the most historic sporting venues in the world.


I’m just gonna say it.  If Corey Clement gets hot, Lambeau Field will be going crazy and anything could happen in this game, especially with it only being week one.



A victory for the Badgers in this game would be huge for the overall reputation of the Big Ten Conference, which seems to still be on the rise with the success the Ohio State Buckeyes have had under Urban Meyer along with the hiring of Jim Harbaugh to the Michigan Wolverines in the past couple years.  Wisconsin will have their hands full, both on offense and defense in this one.  I’ve thought about this game a lot, with the one-of-a-kind circumstances going into it.  This game’s gonna be close, and could be one the more memorable games of the entire season.  In the end I’m not quite as bold as I’d like to be.


LSU 26  Wisconsin 24

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