6i4 Beer Notes: Wolf’s Ridge Driftwood Session IPA

Wolf’s Ridge Driftwood Session IPA is able to provide a plentiful amount of hop flavor that’s nicely balanced with a varietal of citrus fruits at only 4.6% ABV.


The Look


The color of the beer is intriguing. It seems to be a hazy gold color, that could also be described as having a copperish tint and an orange hue.

The Aroma

The smell of this brew is delightful.  A combination of pine and bitter notes blend perfectly with an array of citrusy fruits as well as a distinct scent of orange peel.  It’s almost tough to drink the beer at this point after such a refreshing aroma hits the nostrils.


The Taste

The second this beer hits the palate, a bright sunny day comes to mind.  The most noticeable flavors are pine, grapefruit and lemon zest.  The usage of Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops come to life most after you gulp the first few drinks.  A bitter and somewhat pungent finish is a nice follow up to a bright, fruity and piny taste at first.


The Mouthfeel

This beer is smooth and there’s no doubt about it.  The bitterness and fruit flavors do a nice job of avoiding a watered-down vibe.  Easy drinking, not too heavy and not too light.  


Food Pairings

If you’re looking for more of a complementary pairing, a salmon salad with a fresh vinaigrette would work well as the beer isn’t too overwhelming with a lower ABV and the citrusy flavors would go nicely with the tossed salad.  

A pizza specifically from a wood oven would also work, as the crust won’t be too greasy or filling, pairing nicely with a session IPA.

The Driftwood Session IPA also works great as a palate cleanser for smoked meats, or even a charcuterie tray if you wanna take it to the next level.  

Since the beer is lower ABV, you generally would want to avoid bold and rustic foods that pack a punch.  Lighter foods (even specifically more simple foods in some cases without a lot of window dressing if you will) will generally go better with a lighter beer.  

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