2016 World Series Game 2 Preview: Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago Cubs

After losing Game 1 of the World Series, the Chicago Cubs will look to tie the series back up at one while the Cleveland Indians will attempt to go up 2-0 before heading to Chicago.  Here’s a breakdown of Game 2.


Game Time:

Wednesday at 7:00 PM ET on FOX in Cleveland, Ohio



Jake Arrieta vs. Trevor Bauer


Why this game is worth watching:

Just because the series is 1-0, don’t expect any less excitement in Game 2.  The Cubs entered the series as favorites, and are probably still favored to win.  With the series heading to Chicago for Game 3, expect the Indians to go all out to not let momentum slip to the other side and expect the Cubs to give a little extra to get back on the right track.


Key to the game:

Trevor Bauer’s pinky.  After suffering a freak injury a couple weeks ago trying to repair his drone, Bauer tried to pitch in Game 3 of the ALCS with some nasty results.  Despite only getting two outs, the Indians managed to piece together a win using seven different pitchers.  That worked against the Blue Jays.  It would be hard to count on that happening again against the Cubs.  If Trevor Bauer’s finger is healed enough to let him go 5+ innings, Indians fans should be thrilled.


Player who is an X-Factor:

Kyle Schwarber.  This is an easy one.  After injuring his knee in April, Schwarber has been rehabbing ever since.  Welcome to the World Series Mr. Schwarber.  He has huge power (almost hit one out in Game 1) and will likely only DH when in Cleveland, so his time is limited to make an impact on the series.  Expect him to swing for the fences, and if he gets a hold of one; watch it sail to Souvenir City.


Intriguing stat:

The Chicago Cubs are a combined 5-for-31 (.161 AVG) against Trevor Bauer during his career.  Extremely small sample size, but in one career start against the Cubs (in 2015), he’s 1-0 with seven strikeouts in seven scoreless innings.


Vegas odds:

Chicago, -150



The Indians got what they needed out of Corey Kluber in Game 1, now it’s Trevor Bauer’s turn to take charge.  Andrew Miller threw 46 pitches last night, so he might not be available should Terry Francona need someone in a high-leverage situation.  Cleveland got a game-1 victory along with a ring ceremony for their hometown Cavaliers last night.  Tonight Indians fans start to feel the pressure, as the Cubbies tie the series up.

Chicago Cubs 4, Cleveland Indians 2

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