2016 World Series Game 6 Preview: Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago Cubs

The Cleveland Indians are one game away from winning the World Series.  After winning Game 5 in Chicago, the Cubs are feeling good heading back to Cleveland down 3-2 in the series.  The Cubs have an ace on the mound.  The Tribe has the home crowd behind them.  Will the Cubs force a Game 7, or will the Indians be celebrating on Tuesday night?  Here’s a preview of the matchup.


Game Time:

Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET on FOX in Cleveland, Ohio



Jake Arrieta vs. Josh Tomlin


Why this game is worth watching:

Many of the same reasons from Game 5 apply to this game.  This could be the last game of the MLB season, or it could force one of the most thrilling events in sports: a Game 7.  The Chicago Cubs will be fighting for their lives while the Cleveland Indians will be giving their all to avoid a winner-take-all game on Wednesday night.  These are two great teams with a couple of the best managers in the business, so expect an entertaining ballgame in Game 6.


Key to the game:

Keep the ball on the ground.  Josh Tomlin has had issues with the long ball throughout his career, and it’s expected to be a warmer-than-average night with the wind blowing out in Cleveland on Tuesday night.  Especially with Kyle Schwarber back in the lineup, the Cubs have a team full of hitters who can go deep.  The key will be Tomlin’s ability to keep the ball on the ground and avoid the crooked numbers to keep his team in the game.


Player who is an X-Factor:

Coco Crisp.  In clinching games this postseason, the Indians outfielder has played a big role.  In Game 3 of the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox, Crisp hit a two-run homerun in the 6th inning that ended up being the difference in the game as the Tribe won 4-3 to take the series.  Then in Game 5 of the ALCS against the Toronto Blue Jays, Coco Crisp hit another homer that gave the Indians a 3-0 lead as they advanced once again.  With the Indians looking to end the series, watch out for Coco Crisp to do something dramatic to help the club’s chances.


Intriguing stat:

The Chicago Cubs have scored the most runs of any team in the playoffs after the seventh inning with 18 runs in 15 games.  The Indians have scored seven in 13 games.  Cubs pitching, on the other hand, has allowed 19 runs after the seventh inning while the Indians have only allowed six in the last three innings of this year’s postseason.


Vegas odds:

Chicago, -146



The Cubs have to be feeling a bit better about themselves taking Game 5 of the World Series in front of the Wrigley Field faithful.  The Indians, though, aren’t feeling down on themselves.  After taking two of three games in Chicago, the Tribe heads back to Progressive Field to their home crowd with two shots at a championship.  Terry Francona has been in this position before so he understands what’s at stake and how to get his team prepared.  The Cleveland Indians will win Game 6 to end the series right here, right now.

Cleveland Indians 4, Chicago Cubs 2

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