Citrusy, Malty And Bitter. The Elevator’s “Big Vic” Delivers

Big is for imperial, Big Vic.


That’s what the Elevator’s Brewmaster Vic had to say to confirm the name behind his concoction that’s become a well-known double IPA in the city of Columbus, Ohio.


The imperial IPA comes in with an ABV of 8.6% and supplies plenty of bitterness with an IBU of 80.



The brew is a hazy, with a coloration that’s somewhere between copper, orange and brown depending your perspective.


At first whiff, there’s an intense sweet aroma filled with citrusy notes.  That’s thanks to the abundance of Citra hops as well as some Amarillo in there.



It’s the citrusy flavors that burst onto the palate first.  For me, I noticed pear, grapefruit and orange at the forefront.  Next there’s a malt backbone that strikes for a mere moment, thanks to a 2 Row Wheat malt and a “secret malt” as Vic puts it, that works as a total gamechanger.

In the end the bitterness lingers.  It’s a “bitter relief” (pun intended) in a good way at this point, thanks to the sweetness, fruitiness and malty flavors that trick you into wondering whether the hops are going to kick in at some point.


“Big Vic” is a beautiful symphony of hops that could only be perfectly assembled and directed by the Brewmaster himself.


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