The Crispy Chicken Wings At The Crest Gastropub Are One Of A Kind

The Crest Gastropub puts itself in among the elite, with unique dishes, fresh ingredients and carefully selected craft beers on draft.

Immediately I’d become enthralled by The Crest after initially reading their menu online; A sophisticated blend of fresh food options with local ingredients, craft cocktails and of course, craft beer.


After making my debut (Clintonville location, they also have a restaurant on Parsons Avenue) at the restaurant on Father’s Day there was one item I had to not only try again, but share with all of you as well.


The “Crispy Chicken Wings”


Above is the description of the wings as seen on the menu at The Crest Gastropub.






Admittedly, the “Crispy” part may be a bit deceiving.  The word brings up thoughts of a crispy, greasy deep-fried concoction.


The breading is indescribable, providing plenty of flavor without too much crunch.  The meat is of course juicy and tender on the inside, however, it’s the chili sauce and peanuts that bring the dish together and provide a one-of-a-kind wing experience.



Crispy Chicken Wings from The Crest Gastropub pictured above.


Before the wings hit the table, the bartender recommended the Warped Wing Space Food American IPA.  The brew is extra smooth for an IPA and shockingly refreshing for a 7% ABV beer with 96 IBUs.  You’ll discover plenty of citrusy flavors with the Citra Hops and other hop varietals in the flavor profile, but it’s also nicely balanced, with Chinook Hops (I called the brewery to specifically ask) providing both a spice and bittering element to the Dayton-Ohio crafted beer.


They sometimes say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Therefore, I shared a photo of the Banana Bread from The Crest below…


If you haven’t been to The Crest Gastropub in Columbus, Ohio, my advice can be given in one word.  Go.  

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