Getting To Know Doug Beedy: Brew Master of The Elevator Brewing Company

Doug Beedy was recently introduced as the new Brew Master of The Elevator Brewing company.  Here are a few things you should know about Doug and the brewery heading forward that I picked up on from an interview with Doug himself in early August.


Cask-Conditioned Magic

Doug mentioned (and it shouldn’t come as any surprise) he enjoys brewing the beers that he likes to drink most.  At the top of that list are farmhouse, french style-beers and belgian-style beers.

To share his brewing passion with the beer drinkers who come to the Elevator Brewing CO. 13th Floor Taproom, Doug has been brewing a

Cask-conditioned beer every week at the brewery.  Every Thursday.

Doug went a little more in detail about the Cask-conditioned beers he brews:

I like to use a lot of herbs and kind of unusual spices that you would see in a cask that would be very subtle…I’m into really kind of funky stuff like that.

Adding Excitement While Embracing History

The Elevator, one of the oldest breweries in Columbus, Ohio has been around a lot longer than the new breweries that have been bursting onto the scene over the past few years.  Doug realizes that it’s seen both as a blessing and a curse at times.

Doug had this to say about stepping into the role as the new Brewmaster:

We wanna make changes here, we need to become a little more exciting.

At the same time he understands the importance of the history and added

The Elevator has history…there’s something to be said for longevity.

Mashing Pumpkins

After talking to Doug a couple times after he was introduced as the new Brewmaster at The Elevator, one thing intrigued me more than anything else.  Doug’s preview of the pumpkin beer the brewery will likely have on tap in September.

Doug said

I like to make pumpkin beers that are literally like pumpkin pie.

For a little more perspective Doug added this:

It’s (the pumpkin beer) definitely got pumpkin in it, which very few pumpkin beers actually have pumpkin in it.  And some brewers will tell you it doesn’t make a difference, but trust me it does.

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