Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Indiana Hoosiers: Over/Under Predictions

The 2017 Ohio State Buckeyes have yet to begin their regular season.  That won’t stop us from playing a little game of Over/Under for their matchup with the Indiana Hoosiers:



100 Yards Rushing For Mike Weber

Urban Meyer expects running back Mike Weber to be good to go by the time the season kicks off on Thursday night.  Let’s not forget that last year ended on a bit of a sour note for Weber, with only 5 rushing attempts against Clemson in the College Football Playoff Semifinal along with a fumble.  It’s the same network (ESPN) and a new season this time around.  Expect Weber to play angry (in a good way) in the opener for the Bucks.


200 Yards Passing For Richard Lagow

It’s difficult to imagine the Hoosiers marching down the field against Ohio State’s defense.  However, 200 yards isn’t a monumental number by any means, especially if the home squad is dealing with a double-digit deficit.  Lagow will have to take some chances in this game.


3.5 Total Touchdowns For J.T. Barrett

 For some reason Thursday night games are odd, but at the same time exciting.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Buckeyes had a touchdown via special teams and defense in this one.  Also, there are plenty of options to hand the ball to with the new-look backfield this campaign.  With all that said, Barrett has an impressive and efficient outing, but won’t quite bulk up his stats in the TD category the way some would hope.


57.5 Total Points

On one hand, you have Ohio State’s defense ready to showcase their talents to the entire country in primetime and has the potential to give up points at a premium.  On the other, you have J.T. Barrett & Co. trying to prove their offense will be good enough to get the Buckeyes back into the College Football Playoff…  Low scoring equals boring.  Give the people what they want.


79.5 Yards From Scrimmage For Parris Campbell

This one’s the ultimate wildcard.  Campbell will get way more touches this season.  That’s a sure thing.  However, exactly how many touches per game we can expect has yet to be seen.  Don’t be surprised if Campbell gets plenty of action from the get-go as the Scarlet and Gray show off what they have to offer in 2017.


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