What You Need To Know About The Elevator Brewing Company’s New Beers:Uptown Pilsner & Gravity 3.0

The Elevator Brewing Company is releasing two new beers tomorrow: The Uptown Pilsner & Gravity 3.0.  I got a chance to get an exclusive interview with Doug Beedy, The Brewmaster behind it all, to get the inside scoop on the new brews.


Uptown Pilsner


Doug Beedy, the Brewmaster At Elevator Brewing Company was rather giddy when I asked him about the Uptown Pilsner that will be released on Saturday Afternoon.  He started off by saying:


It’s exciting for a lot of reasons.


Before getting into the actual taste, Doug delivered some general information about the soon-to-be-released brew:

This is the first year-round new beer since I’ve been here.



Not only is the beer new, but the packaging is going to have a whole-new look as well, with local artist Thom Glick getting in on the action:

Also, we’re changing the packages…This is something new and exciting.  It’s very colorful, interesting; done by a local artist named Thom Glick—and he’s actually gonna be redoing all of our labels.  This is the first one, the Uptown Pilsner.


Of course there’s a story behind the name:


He (Dick, the Owner of The Elevator Brewing Company) created what’s known as the Uptown District…That’s where the name came from.


Doug described a pilsner as essentially a “Lager version of an IPA” and then went into detail about the specific style of Uptown Pilsner itself:


The style is pre-prohibition pilsner…They had to use American ingredients…The signature of that was the use of corn…If it’s (the corn) used in the right way it really enhances the beer, and for this style I think it really enhances it.


Doug went on to give a general description of the brew, along with a more in-depth description of how the corn makes the beer a delightful one:


Being a hoppy, light-bodied beer; the corn gives it this nice roundness, like a back sweetness that just really smoothes the beer out.  It’s not excessive.


As for the main hop in the pilsner:


The hop that we use in this…I like to describe it as woodsy.  It reminds me of that quality of walking through the woods…That aroma that feeling…If you could taste the smell of walking through the woods, that’s the hop in this beer.


The Uptown Pilsner, by the way, has an ABV of 5.5%.


Gravity 3.0


First, a description of the “gravity” reference in the name(s):


All high-gravity or high-alcohol beers, that’s where the name comes from.


All of the Gravity beers (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) have an ABV of 11%


Gravity 1.0 was a Belgian Dark Strong.


Gravity 2.0 was an Award-Winning Imperial Stout.


Tomorrow, patrons will have their first opportunity to try Gravity 3.0:


This one is a Doppelbock Style, which is a German dark-strong lager…Bock beers are typically a spring beer…It’s a dark, strong [and] malty lager.  Doppelbock takes it a step higher than that.  Higher alcohol, more body, just more flavor…This is a big beer.  It’s 11 percent, but, it doesn’t taste like it (more on the ‘it doesn’t taste like it’ reference coming up).


Doug continued to go into the taste:


It has a lot of complex stone fruit and raisin flavors to it…It’s all malt.  All hop.  Just a crisp, but yet rich and dangerously drinkable lager style.



Both the Uptown Pilsner and Gravity 3.0 will be released on March, 24th at The 13th Floor Taproom.  CHEERS!!

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