Matt Golis Creates A Whole New Spin On Fantasy Sports With The New App DraftMates: Now Available

Matt Golis recently moved back to Columbus, Ohio after spending 20 years out west in California.  The reason for coming back to the city he grew up in: To launch DraftMates.


Golis had high praise for the city when talking about moving back to launch the app as it’s current CEO:


I am convinced now that I actually have a much better chance of  this being a wild success doing it in downtown Columbus than actually doing it in San Francisco…Believe it or not…It’s actually been great so far…as we’ve built out our team and we continue to add features to the app…It’s just been easier being here than being in the Bay Area.


There’s no doubt Golis is glad to be back in his hometown.  He’s already taken his eight-year-old son to his first Ohio State Buckeyes football game (a couple Saturdays ago against Oregon State) and revisited his favorite dining establishment in the city: Tommy’s Pizza (the one in Upper Arlington if we’re being completely transparent).


The app is officially available on Android and iOS devices.  


After an already-successful career, highlighted by 18 years with the financial company YapStone, Golis knew it was time for a new venture. His entrepreneurial mindset has prepared him for the next exciting chapter in his life with Draftmates.  


Entrepreneurship was just a class (referring to his time as a student at the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio where he graduated in 1995)…It (the course) really had a profound impact on the way I looked at my professional career…I knew that ultimately I was going to start some type of small business.


Golis considers himself a “hobbyist” when it comes to fantasy sports.  With football as the main catalyst that got him into the niche.


Like many others who’ve played fantasy football before, Golis enjoyed the draft experience and trash talking with friends that would ensue throughout the season.


However, Golis realized that there were several parts of a season-long league that could be bothersome.  For example; Injuries or getting lucky or (in some cases) unlucky with your weekly matchups while only facing a single opponent on a week-to-week basis.  Not to mention, the awkwardness of competing against people (on occasion) you don’t even know.  


Golis spent plenty of time researching fantasy football and figuring out a way to create a one-of-a-kind platform that would change the game for all the right reasons.  


Here are five things you should know regarding fantasy football when it comes to DraftMates:


It’s a weekly competition:


No need to check the waiver wire every week.  With DraftMates every week is it’s own unique competition.  You can play throughout the season, or just pick a week or two to get your fantasy fix.


No Salary Cap.  One Winner:


Finally, a fantasy platform with no restrictions on what players you can take.


Everybody is picking from the same group of players…Effectively you’re playing against the entire group every week rather than just one person in a particular week.


Winner (and loser) Give All:


When you play in a private league with colleagues and/or friends you can choose your own nonprofit for the winnings to go to if your team wins.  The winning player’s team will get 85 percent to go to the cause they’re supporting (which is tax-deductible as well) and the other 15 percent is used for the functionality of the app.  


The new take on fantasy football shines a bright light on supporting a cause while still keeping the competitive spirit with bragging rights on the line.  Tis the season to play.  Tis the season to give.  


You Don’t Have To Be A Sports Fan:


It goes without saying that those interested in fantasy football will have an immediate interest at the least in what DraftMates has to offer.  


That being said, the platform is also in itself a unique and fun way to support nonprofits.  If you don’t know how to play fantasy football it’s not a problem.  The app isn’t too complicated.


Signing Up Is Easy:


I personally registered to DraftMates in less than two minutes earlier this week.  So there’s that…




CEO Matt Golis has created an evolutionary way for us to enjoy fantasy sports:


DraftMates wants to take the fun of fantasy sports gameplay, with the opportunity to give to a a cause, and play with your friends.


(Must be 18 or older to join) .

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